Cunt Be Tamed
Track Listing

1. Liberty Walk
2. Who Owns My Heart [with AC Violator]
3. Can't Be Tamed
4. Every Rose Has It's Thorn
5. Two More Lonely People [with NaturalBornChaos]
6. Forgiveness and Love [with Hannah Prentice]
7. Permanent December
8. Stay [with Kieron Stone]
9. Scars [with Jim Morrell]
10. Take Me Along
11. Robot
12. My Heart Beats For Love


S&M's bold re-imagining of the Miley Cyrus album 'Can't Be Tamed' fuses various styles and genres into a monster of an album. Through bizarre creativity, several collaborations, and brute force, S&M have created a masterpiece. Whether you love or hate Miley Cyrus this album is for you.

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